Darlene (Dar) Denis: Mars One Applicant and Colony Settler Candidate

Published January 3, 2014 by daramon8maatdenis

Darlene (Dar) Denis: Mars One Applicant and Colony Settler Candidate

Greeting and Salutations Blog Readers ;~) This blog is my invitation to the Mars One selection committee, my fellow Mars One Applicants and Supporters and the population of Earth to get to know me, both as an Earthling and as a future Martian ;~P

Here I will try to post as often as possible regarding and concerning my thoughts and experiences as I engage in the most thrilling experience of my life thus far…The Mars One Candidate Applicant Selection Process.  I will post links to my personal interviews, as well as provide opportunities for visitors to comment and ask questions. I will also be posting about my personal history, my motives for applying and wanting to go to Mars and what I hope to accomplish as a Mars One Astronaut/Colony Settler. 

I am honored that the Mars One Selection Committee chose me to interview in the second round and I am looking forward to meeting them in person.  I am really enjoying the interviews so far and the opportunities to “Talk-Up” Mars One. It is an amazing vision and opportunity and I am thrilled to be a part of it all.

ETSU Film Student Documentary Project

Published April 4, 2014 by daramon8maatdenis

Tomorrow the ETSU film students, Jesse Hillyer & crew will  be here at The Store around 2pm to begin filming for their documentary project. My Mars One candidacy is the focus of the documentary. I intend to journal about the experience and will include pics each day they visit and film. Locations will be both here at The Store and at my home.

I am really excited to be the subject of this documentary project! I know we will have a ton of fun with it!

Stay tuned!

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Bays Mountain Planetarium

Published February 9, 2014 by daramon8maatdenis

I had a great time with the Astronomy Club at Bays Mountain Planetarium! Thanks again to William Troxel for inviting me to be the keynote speaker at their Feb. club meeting. I really enjoyed meeting all the club members and talking Mars One with everyone.

I look forward to visiting Bays Mountain Planetarium and the Astronomy Club  in the future.

For Astronomy Club members who are visiting my blog: please take a moment and comment on this post so I will know you came by. Thanks :~)


Mars or Bust!

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