Reality Check #1: Mars One Makes Shit Real :~}

Published January 3, 2014 by daramon8maatdenis

I will be celebrating an anniversary on the 17th of January, it will be one year that I have been with Mars One as an applicant. 1*17*2013 is the date on the first email I received from Mars One.

l I joked back then that it was just my luck that an opportunity like this would come along just when the world was going to come to an end ;~} Damnation!

Now a year later the world did not come to an end and here I am invited to interview in the second round of the selection process.

When I answered the Mars One email asking “Why do you want to go to Mars?” I giggled for days over the answer I chose to send them. That answer got me the invitation to beta test the application site, to be one of the first. Of course for all I know everyone who contacted them got the same invitation…but it didn’t matter….I was one of the ones that did!

As I spent the summer filling out my application I struggled with how to express myself, I wrote and rewrote, over and over again. I didn’t even record my video until just 24hrs before the August 31st deadline. The video was the most challenging part for me.

I am intensely curious about the selection process and what actually triggered the decision to select each of the 1058 round two interviewees and I really hope the person or people I interview with are the ones that selected me! I am very interested in why me? What was it about the contents of my writing and the video that sold me…so to speak.

On FB many of us Mars One 1058 have been getting to know each other as we share our experiences with each other. It is an amazing feeling to be a part of such a once in a lifetime opportunity with such a wonderfully diverse group of individuals.

The activity  in the Googleplus groups is not nearly what the FB groups is. However, I am hoping to get more of my fellow Mars One Earthlings over for Google Hangouts where we can interact with each other in real-time in person. ;~)

When Bas said he wanted to make the application opportunity available to everyone and anyone…he was not kidding…I am both impressed and respectful…and more than a little grateful too.

So now it all becomes real, and I am tasked with representing the person I introduced in my profile, in person. I am applying for an opportunity to make every wish I have ever had come true in a most amazing way, and now I must show the selection committee and the other 1057 that I am up to the challenges this reality will present and that I am someone they want to spend the rest of their lives with. lol

Oh and I need to represent myself and Mars One in the best way I know how to the remainder of the Earth population…so they will want to support us as we make our way towards making a human colony on Mars a reality!

I have done a few local media interviews and I am already getting more comfortable with answering questions and media attention although it is still all somewhat surreal!


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