Supporting Mars One

Published January 3, 2014 by daramon8maatdenis

Supporting Mars One

As the second round selection process gets underway part of my mission as an Mars One Applicant is to spread the word far and wide about Mars One fundraising efforts. 

Mars One is a private, non profit entity and as such our success depends on individual donations. There are two ways to support Mars One financially, and this crowd sourcing fundraiser is one of them. By clicking on the link here, you will do two things. The first is you will be telling Mars One that I shared the link info with you, thereby giving me credit and letting Mars One know I am serious about supporting Mars One and I am getting the word out to others as well. The other thing you will be doing is making a donation to Mars One and this tells them that you think their vision has merit and want us to succeed.

There are several different levels you can donate at and each has a unique “perk” attached to you. 

The other way, is to go to and order any of the merchandise available. Mars One has some really awesome apparel available, including t-shirts & hoodies for men and women, as well as coffee cups, stickers and posters. 

Either way or both, I hope you will do all you can to support Mars One as well as my desire to earn one of the spots in the Mars One MissionTraining Program. 

Thanks so much in advance.


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