Im Not Afraid To Die

Published January 5, 2014 by daramon8maatdenis

One of the most common questions I get asked regarding my desire to go to Mars is:                What if u die? What if it kills u?

I harbor no fear of death. Mine nor that of another. Because to me, death is no different from birth, it is a transition only, a means by which we come into our next phase of being.
We are all going to die. It’s the only guarantee we humans have…the right of passage, eventual physical death.

I have seen many people come into my life and then leave again through the phenomenon we call death. It has never seemed to me all that traumatic and grievous an experience. I celebrated their existence and their departure from this amazingly beautiful & terrifyingly torturous  experience we call “life”.

Beyond that, whatever happens to me as a Mars One Astronaut/Colony Settler is a win/win. If Mars One is successful in getting humans to the surface of Mars and those humans are successful in surviving and thriving on Mars, well that is a huge victory for humanity as we will have a second home in the galaxy. We will have unlimited opportunities to learn from the experiences on Mars and we may even be able to benefit humanity on Earth as well. If Mars One is not successful in their attempts to get humans to Mars, then there will still be plenty to learn from the loss and apply to future attempts.

I do not have a death wish. I want Mars One to succeed in getting humans safely to Mars and not just to survive but to thrive once they get there.  However, we are all going to die eventually, at least I will die doing something amazing that will leave an opportunity for others to learn and go on to improve and do better in the future.


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